Saturday, May 11, 2013

TIAFCB: There Is a Free Comic Book

The principles of economics teach us that there is no free lunch. But they should also teach us that there is such a thing as a free comic book.* In fact, there is a whole day for them: Free Comic Book Day. 

FCBD is a thrillingly easy event to hit up. Occurring once a year – every first Saturday of May – it is celebrated by brick-and-mortar comic shops who offer free books to any interested patrons or passersby. All of the major publishers participate (DC, Marvel, Image – think Walking Dead) and a host of others, too.


In Boston, the best places to collect your freebies would be Newbury Comics, New England Comics, and – at the very top – Comicopia in Kenmore Square. Free Comic Book Day may be over, but check out these shops when you get a chance. Even if they don’t have any remnants leftover, each has a healthy selection of discounted issues and paperback collections.

And, if you’re still interested, don’t forget the newly rescheduled Boston Comic Convention, coming to town on August 3-4 at the World Seaport Trade Center. Last year’s event at the Hynes was a great time, and this one is only going to be bigger.

Lastly, I caught Iron Man 3 last weekend on the big (BIG) screen at the Fenway Regal (totes awesome, by the way). In celebration, enjoy these circa-five-years-ago pictures from the first Iron Man's London premiere.


Til next time!

*(Please note that in actuality the principles of economics teach us that even free comics cost money to produce and to shelf – they just don’t cost the customer anything. So… they’re not free, after all.)

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