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Come one, come all!

Welcome to Don't Look Down, Beantown, a blog all about living an upbeat life in Boston. In here we will work together to tackle some of Boston's finest delights: tourism, living, eating, socializing, etc. We will also work towards embracing some of Boston's quirks, parking and driving especially, with an eye towards keeping a positive outlook. We'll probably do some handiwork and take a look at other places around the globe, too.

I am a twenty-something young man, and I have been living in Boston for almost three years now. After graduating from a rural college (twice), I thought -- like many others before me and many others to come -- that moving to a big city was going to solve all of my problems. But over the past few years life in the city has taught me that humility, it turns out, is a virtue. Guess what? Rent is expensive, not all jobs pay well, and public transit isn't always on time (oh, and not all cabs take cards, either).

So why do this?

Because living in this city is exciting, but getting here is just the start. This site has become my personal promise to myself: there is always a silver lining and as long as you keep looking up, there is always something ahead of you. In a city with food, activities, and architecture as diverse as Boston's, it's easy to find something new and exciting everyday.

Through words, pictures, and illustrations, I'll share all that I find with you.



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