Friday, May 31, 2013

Neighborhood's Cafe

pineapple soda + lemon bar

O-M-G, it’s hot outside! I suspect that the draw on power in the Bean will only increase in the next few days. There’s just something about a 90 degree heat wave that inspires a mass installation of air conditioners.

In all likelihood, though, the heat has already gotten to you. (I know it’s gotten to me.) If watching ice-cold clips of Batman and Robin hasn’t helped you – well, personally, I’m just shocked that the sheer number of freeze puns didn’t send even a single shiver down your back. But, assuming this did absolutely nothing to lower your body temperature, why not enjoy some delicious treats at Neighborhood’s?

The shop can be found on Peterborough Street in Fenway Kenmore, and is well worth a visit. Cool down with a delicious iced drink (coffees, lattes, etc.). My preferred order for those especially heated afternoons is a pineapple Italian soda and a lemon bar (pictured). Both are well-suited to the tropics. Should you prefer something warm, you literally can’t go wrong with anything, but you most especially can’t go wrong with a Spanish coffee or a London Fog.

And did I mention Neighborhood’s is a creperie? No, you say? Well, allow me to elaborate: they make crepes -- delicious crepes. The ricotta romanza (ricotta cheese and raspberries) is particularly amazing.

I suggest making it a point to stop by, hot or cold.

Til next time!

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