Thursday, May 16, 2013


(1) New York Deco by Richard Berenholtz and Carol Willis because I love the geometry of art deco and the skyline of the city     (2) Stuart South because he has a zany kind of style that is easy to dig     (3) The Boston Red Sox because this city has become my home and they are the extended family that lives here     (4) London because, while studying abroad, it became the first city I fell in love with     (5) Spider-Man because I’ve loved the character since I was seven, and I am convinced that my grandmother handpicked him as a role model before she gave me the subscription

(6) LEGOs because everybody loves LEGOs!     (7) Marvel Comics in the 1960s  by 
Pierre Comtois because I admire the vision and work ethic of both the comics’ creators and the people who document them     (8) Architecture by Jonathan Glancey because it doesn’t matter what page I open it to, I want to read it     (9) The Muppet Christmas Carol on VHS because… just because     (10) Samuel Taylor Coleridge because I love a good wordsmithing adventure!

(11) No Sense of Place by Joshua Meyrowitz because these things change how you see entertainment and the news     (12) This Is Series by Miroslav Sasek because it makes me smile!     (13) This sculpture because my dad brought it back from China when I was ten and I love its intricacy     (14) The Judgement of Paris by Ross King because it proves that artists are rock stars!     (15) The Assassins Creed series because it defines (and redefines) the idea of making history come alive

(16) The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon because even after so many read-throughs, it is still too good to be of this earth     (17) Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne because it takes me around the world when my bank account keeps me firmly planted in the Bean     (18) Moneyball because I love Rocky and baseball and this is Rocky for baseball     (19) Will Eisner because he captures city life like no one else     (20) James Bond because, damn, he has style!

(21) The Legend of Zelda because it proves that myth transcends medium     (22) Esquire Magazine because of A.J. Jacobs     (23) Stephen King because he writes about people and truth as much as monsters and murk

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