Thursday, April 3, 2014

Mustaches Strike Back!

It’s time for another installment of Mustachioed Monuments! Same mustachioed time! Same mustachioed channel!

It was only a few weeks ago that I posted an illustration of the Financial District. Even as I finished that image, I was trying to imagine which mustaches would best fit this group of buildings. A quick look around Dewey Square reveals that the area is an eclectic ecosystem of edificial ethos. (If Stan Lee taught me one thing, it’s alliteration.)

Without further adieu, here are the buildings and their mustaches:

The foreground features one of the more unassuming pieces of Dewey Square: the entrance to the T. Well, it would be unassuming if it was a simple doorway with a stairwell down to the station. While that may be the service it provides, it’s all gussied up as an almost otherworldly portal to all things subterranean. For this surrealist guise, it received the mustache of Salvador Dali.

In the background on the left, the State Street building has grown the ‘stache of a certain board game mascot, though it is a bit unkempt – you’ll understand, I’m sure – given the times. State Street Corporation, though, has been around for quite a long time (ahem, 18th Century).

Finally, to the right in the background, the building at 125 Summer Street has grown the mustache of iconic game show host Alex Trebek. The building’s classical influences – pediments, pedestals, columnar appearance, etc. – ground it knowledgeably in history. And who’s more knowledgeable than Mr. Trebek?

Til next time!

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