Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Fine District for Finance

The Financial District is not one that I have spent much time in. I went to snap some photos of Os Gemeos' mural while it was up (which you can see here), and I think I got a haircut around there once. Oh, and I picked up the keys to my apartment there. I live parked my pickup truck -- loaded with a mattress, bed spring, bureau, etc. -- in a valet lineup of Audis, Maseratis, Mercedes, and one Bentley.

But... it does seem like a fine district for finance, doesn't it?

It is home to some mighty impressive -- and imposing -- architecture, I have to admit. Money will buy such things. The highlight of it all, though, I would wager is South Station. 

Of the skyscrapers in the area, the standout to my personal aesthetic is 125 Summer Street, a building that seems to pay homage to South Station as the anchor of the district. It's as if South Station is the grandfatherly mayor, the man who knows everyone that crosses Dewey Square, and 125 Summer Street is the grandkid raised in his image, looking to continue the family tradition. 

We also can't rule out that I could be reading too much into it.

As a quick, final note, the picture below is the one that my illustration is based on. Much as I love the idea of finding a building and "parking my fanny" in front of it to sketch (as my grandmother would have said), I usually end up drawing off of the pictures I take. But... warm weather is fast approaching, and spending an hour or two outside sounds pretty good to me.

Til next time!

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