Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sweet Cheap Eats, Red Sox Edition

Red Sox season is soon approaching, and some of you have your tickets already.


Having spent what it takes to get those tickets – no small amount, I’m sure – you may be wondering what you’re going to do come gameday. Now, my fianc√©e and I love the Red Sox, but even we recognize that a day at the ballpark isn’t a weekly affair. It’s a costly occurrence that may happen only once a pay stub, month, or season depending on your family size. Any more and it could threaten rent.

Gameday savings can be particularly hard to find. The merchandise is official – as in, officially expensive. However, there are things you can do not only to save, but also to explore more of what the Fenway neighborhood has to offer. Within only three or four blocks of Fenway Park, there are numerous places to eat where each person’s complete, filling meal averages $10. By comparison, the same amount at the park gets you two franks, or one frank and 5/8 of a souvenir soda. If you decide to eat in the neighborhood, just make sure you nom before or after the game, as there is no re-entry to Fenway Park. Once you’re in, you’re in.

Restaurants on Landsdowne are high-energy, but not as affordable.

Though there are many offerings, my three best budget-friendly recommendations are Tasty Burger, Regina Pizzeria, and El Pelon.

First up is Tasty Burger [1301 Boylston Street]. What’s more American than a day of baseball? Eating a burger that same day for lunch, that’s what. Located on the corner of Boylston Street and Yawkey Way, the shop has a delicious, freshly-made menu with prices that rival the value meals at fast food chains. Grab a traditional burger and fries for less than $10, or a burger with specialty toppings for a few dollars more. Have a student I.D. and a driver’s license showing you’re over 21? Get a Starving College Student Special: burger, fries, and beer all for - you guessed it - $10. My recommendation? Grab a lunchful of Americana at Tasty Burger.

On the other hand, who doesn’t love pizza? If that’s your flavor-set for the day, then just cross the street. From Tasty Burger, look across Boylston; you’re staring at Regina Pizzeria [1330 Boylston Street]. Grab two specialty slices and a soda for our magic price point. (Toppings on the specialty pies change daily.) Or, if you’re travelling to the park as a family, picking a large pizza from the menu may be the right choice. Eight filling slices for $20 is a good start to your day at the park.

Last but not least, we come to El Pelon [92 Peterborough Street]. When you cross Boylston Street, Yawkey Way becomes Jersey Street. Travel one block down Jersey and you’ll come to Peterborough. Take a right and before the next block you’ll see El Pelon. It doesn’t have much seating inside, but there are tables outside and it is home to the best burritos you’ll find in Boston. For $7 you can get the finest fish burrito you’ve ever had. Other options include chicken, steak, and carnitas – all for the same price. It’s probably the most filling option on the list, too.

And that’s that! Enjoy your time at the game, and maybe with some of the dough you saved on food, you and your family can come home with one of those souvenir cups, or a hat, or a bumper sticker, or whatever you’d like.

Now, if I could only do some research on that whole parking thing. Costly business, that.

Happy baseball!

Til next time!

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