Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lazy Saturday!

Want the perfect way to wake up early(ish) this weekend?

The answer is simple: take a stroll. Step out of the apartment / condo / brownstone / townhouse / househouse that you call home. Head to a favorite coffee shop, grab a cuppa, and get all zen-like on your own two feet. Sip, walk, relax, and enjoy.

Should you need a suggestion on just where to begin, might I recommend entering the Theater District? Yes, even before primetime.

A quick T-ride to the Boylston Street station puts you within walking distance of Thinking Cup, the coffeehouse that has recently been ranked the best in Massachusetts. And, though I haven’t been to all of the coffee shops in the Commonwealth, the title is not undeserved. Walking into Thinking Cup is like entering the Narnia of all things java. Pull back the heavy brown curtain (just past the entrance) and let the visual and aromatic rush redefine morning buzz for you.

I only grabbed a house coffee (which was delicious) and a pastry. The selection was large and varied in both the pastry and coffee departments. Try the maple-bacon-pecan scone to experience amazing.

Now, regarding that stroll, you have two great options – head into the Common or turn down West Street. Coffee in hand, enjoy a good browse around the outdoor bargain books at the Brattle Book Shop (as long as it’s after 9 am). Maybe you’ll stumble upon the post-apocalyptic-biker-space yarn that I almost nabbed this weekend.

And that would have been another buck well-spent.

Til next time!

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