Saturday, May 12, 2012

Foodie Review

Elsewheres: New Orleans

Hello all, welcome back for the most anticipated post of our New Orleans trip, the foodie review. Yes, indeed, wherever I go and whomever I speak with, everyone wants to know the same thing about the Big Easy: how was the food? Some people ask excitedly with anticipation and others with fearful trepidation, as if the Cajun and Creole spices themselves are out for their weak tongues. Too far? Okay, I will calm down.

First up, Mr. B's Bistro. This is the first place that we stopped to eat, and it was fantastic. Excellent gumbo (of both the chicken and sausage and seafood kind), great drinks, and fantastic shrimp (coconut beer-battered with a fruit chutney for dipping -- yum).
Next, there is, of course, Brennan's. I had the steak tornadoes (I know that isn't how they are properly spelled, but spell check apparently can't handle "tournedo"). They were delicious. Brennan's is most famous for inventing the Banana's Foster. So we had that, as well, and it was incredible, natch.

We also ate at the Court of the Two Sisters, the first prix fixe meal of my life. It was delicious, and the barbecue shrimp (which is actually dripping in a butter-pepper sauce) was undeniably good. This was the shrimp that made me question whether I could ever compete in the Hunger Games (my airplane read); seriously, once you try this shrimp, you cannot go back.

Now for a few quick hits. Had Hurricanes in the place of their birth, Pat O'Brien's. Just as awesome as you'd expect. Next, the iced coffee at Royal Blend, is the best in the world. It was so good, I went right back and got another. Lastly, beignets and au lait at Cafe du Monde. Could anyone have expected anything less than incredible? Beignets really should be available anywhere and everywhere. Just look at all of that powdered sugar!


Til next time!

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  1. Drooling! :) Sounds like you guys had a great trip.