Friday, August 24, 2012

Chilling out in the City

Traffic jams, surly drivers, stubborn bicyclists, and barreling joggers. Cigarette butts, litter, goose droppings, and unrecycled recyclables. Constant construction, overheard disagreements, barking dogs, and wailing babies.

And that one darn traffic signal that never-ever (in the Taylor-Swiftiest sense) turns to walk, leaving you stranded on the curb and late to your destination!

Sometimes you just need a break.

When this is the case, Boston has your solution: take a quick visit to the Kelleher Rose Garden in the Fens. Only a five minute walk from Fenway Park, the garden is a world away in volume, activity, and atmosphere. (And, hey, I love Fenway Park!)

This is city life, after all, and at some point you're going to need some city-sponsored decompression. So take a break. Disconnect. Walk around and smell the roses for real this time.

The first, most apparent thing you'll notice here is the variety of roses. There are tons and tons (warning: exaggeration). Who knew? Well, botanists, but...psssh. Take a look:

The landscaping, too, is beautiful. The pathways through the garden are narrow, making it impossible not to take in the aroma. And around every corner there seems to be another bench indented into the hedges, keeping the experience as individual and reflective as can be in the gesellschaft of the city. 

Following the pathway out of the circular area leads you to a true Boston gem. El Desconsol occupies the far end of the garden. The statue is a sad, beautiful piece that is exceptionally human. No trip to the Museum of Fine Arts or the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is complete without taking the three (or so) minute walk to this gift from the city of Barcelona.

And if this isn't your thing, you can always try SERENITY NOW!

Til next time!

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