Saturday, September 12, 2015

Pinterest Is a Beast

Oh. My. God.

We actually did a project that we found on Pinterest.

We are the one percent. The one percent of Pinterest users that will complete a project that they pin. It's not the same one percent as, say, possessing absurd sums of money - like, Scrooge McDuck sums of money - but it is a prestigious classification nonetheless. I'll wear it like a badge. Which I will, of course, take pictures of and pin.

Using this clever Ikea hack from the Hunted Interior, we painted a larger kitchen cart and added wine box drawer fronts.

Honestly, the biggest difficulties we faced were logistics outside of the project itself. Namely, we tried to buy the kitchen cart on tax-free weekend, otherwise known as the state of Massachusetts's invitation to render Ikea a nigh-insurmountable bastion of havoc and ridiculousness. Which is all to say that one chaotic trip to Ikea later, we had to order it online. The only other challenge came from procuring wine boxes. Most liquor stores within the city were not amenable to sharing. The word "priceless" was used at least once. Larger chains in the suburbs - Chestnut Hill, naturally (ironically?) - had no reservations when it came to abandoning these rare wares.

Oh, and we had some help from a certain Lucy from Boston, who just couldn't resist dipping her feet in a can of mint-green paint, leading to this moment of extreme displeasure:

Til next time!

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