Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Really Good Deal

This is not the world's biggest secret, but it is good information to know (especially if your back is aching from all of the shoveling that the past three weeks have required): When a parking ban is declared by the mayor in Boston, parking garages throw open their bay doors to residents. And this is the best part -- it is for a reduced rate.

The best accommodation that I have encountered in the past few years is the parking at the Landmark Center in Fenway [Brookline Street]. For a mere $5 a day, you can avoid an extended shovel-out session for each storm. I avoided this past storm for a three day stay at the Landmark, saving almost $100 off the regular rate! All you have to do is show proof of residence. To find restricted streets and reduced-rate parking, head over to the city's page.

Having been on both sides of the dilemma, I would certainly recommend cracking out the wallet rather than the shovel -- especially with this winter's brutal storms.

Til next time!

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