Sunday, December 29, 2013

Our Rainy City – Now in 2.1 Glorious Megapixels!

Nothing says winter like a mild late-December rain storm! And nothing says fine photography like the built-in camera on a flip phone (if I imagine it's a filter, I can pretend it isn't just a poor quality picture).

When it comes to rain in the city, I believe that a shower or two can make city life a little bit better. There is something charming about the musical pitter-patter of the raindrops and the irregular heights, widths, and colors of umbrellas. There is a sense of relief in finding shelter and a sense of adventure in getting back out there again.  There’s a reason that so many romantic comedies feature scenes in the rain: it’s a little bit romantic.

That might be why a short jaunt to Newbury Street seemed like such a nice idea today. Some time with my fiancé, a pair of umbrellas, a hot cup of coffee, hopping over puddles, and taking shelter by going shop to shop – it makes for a great day.

But man-oh-man is it wet outside! It’s a downpour out there, and it turns out that today’s jaunt became less about the romance of the city and more about making sure that the rain did not dissolve our paper shopping bags. It featured parking blocks away from our destination, sprinting to get out of the rain, getting soaked, umbrellas flipping inside out, and bringing said umbrellas (soaking wet, no less) into designer stores. But, it was still fun!

Stay dry, Beantown.

Til next time!

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