Friday, June 7, 2013

How to Stay Dry on a Rainy Day


Let’s just get right to it, shall we? It’s wet out, and there are plenty of options to stay dry.

Here are some you might not be inclined to try: create umbrella fashion (like you’re a Project Runway star), dress up like the Gorton’s fisherman (another fashion statement!), hide under a dog (suggested by someone else – not mine). Please ignore this last suggestion entirely, as there is little chance your dog will keep you dry, and you are very likely to just make him or her upset.

Here are some other suggestions:

If you are hardwired for efficiency, perhaps a trip to the Prudential Mall and Copley Place is in order. How could you not love having so many options under only one roof? 

For all you escapists, consider a movie or two at the Regal Fenway, Lowe’s on the Common, or Coolidge Corner Theater (or another theater of choice). Summer movie season has kicked off, and there are plenty of alternate realities to exist in for two hours at a time. Or, try Redbox; there are plenty of them scattered around, too.

Maybe you love collecting things. Try rain drops. There's lots today.

Perhaps you enjoy the Bean’s food scene. While the food trucks are not out in full force just yet, takeout never goes out of season, and delivery is even a possibility.

Or, you could do what most of us will anyway – watch the Bruins.

Til next time!

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