Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fine Arts, Museum of

I am a bit tired now, and can't think of much to post. Scrolling through my pictures, however, did turn up these gems from the new(ish) contemporary art wing of the Museum of Fine Arts. My girlfriend and I went months ago, so I must apologize for the tardiness.

If you do go to the museum sometime soon, allocate some time for the contemporary art wing -- at the very least because it is so different than much of the rest of the collection. Take a peek at Iago's Mirror, one of my favorites. (This link to Iago's Mirror is through the Brooklyn Museum, where it is no longer on display -- as it is here in the Bean, natch.)

P.S. All credit for the pictures really goes to the people who assembled what has been photographed.

P.P.S. For you art enthusiasts, be sure to check out Google's awesome new service to humanity, the art project, a digital museum patched together from the world's finest (from the Acropolis Museum to the Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers University -- that's its A-Z, folks).

Til next time!

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