Monday, July 4, 2011

Welcome to Don't Look Down, Beantown!

Welcome, everyone, to the new blog. Hopefully with a little bit of elbow grease and a hefty dose of regular posts, this blog will take off quickly.

In case you were wondering (which, if you got here, you probably are), the intent of this blog is to capture odd and interesting architecture all around Beantown. These items will be the types of things that if you never look around, you just might miss (hence the title "Don't Look Down" -- so clever). From time to time, I may pepper in some interesting sights from my travels, so expect some upcoming posts from London, Dublin, Athens, and NYC, and other places I have been.

Lastly, why Boston? Well, admittedly, it comes down to me being so darn close to the city. On the other hand, there is also the sheer architectural irregularity of the city. It's binding structure seems to be the brownstone, but take one look around the city, and you'll see the overwhelming variety of style.

For instance, take a quick look below:

So -- from the Commonwealth Mall, we are looking over at the very end of Newbury Street, where it meets Mass Ave. (via its rooftops). We can see traditional brownstones (lower right), a spire (obvious), and a really, really industrial-looking building that is currently home to a Best Buy. Architecturally, this seems as un-uniform as you could get.

It is largely because of this variety that Boston is such a fun place to explore.

I hope you have fun exploring it with me.

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